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So far my favorite movie of the 2010s is The Social Network.  I think this movie will be named one of the best movies of the decade by the critics, and named one of the best movies of the whole century when we get to 2099.  Just wait and see.

If anything new enters my top 10, I'll update my list.

So the question to everyone is, what are your favorite movies of the 2010s, and what is your top choice???

So far, here is my 10 favorite movies of the 2010s:

The Descendants - 2011

Django Unchained - 2012

Drive - 2011

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - 2011

Gravity - 2013

Inception - 2010

Life of Pi - 2012

The Social Network - 2010

True Grit - 2010

Zero Dark Thirty - 2012


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I recently did a top 20 of the decade (so far) on Letterboxd.

1. The Tree of Life (all-time top 50)
2. The Master (all-time top 100)
3. Tabu (all-time top 100)
4. Shame (all-time top 125)
5. Gravity (not far off all-time list)
6. The Social Network (not far off all-time list)
7. Bernie
8. Ilo Ilo
9. Rust & Bone
10. All is Lost
11. Stories We Tell
12. Another Year
13. Like Someone in Love
14. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
15. Argo
16. Exit Through the Gift Shop
17. Insidious
18. The Act of Killing
19. A Separation
20. Animal Kingdom

HM: Life of Pi, The Hunt, Blue Jasmine, Black Swan

Currently you only need an 8.5/10 to crack the list, but I think the top 7 or so will feature in the eventual decade list. Still a few already released 2013 films I need to check out (i.e. Captain Phillips).

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Without including films from this year, my Top 10 Favorite Films of the decade so far would be...

  1. A Separation
  2. The Master
  3. The Tree of Life
  4. The Social Network
  5. Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives
  6. Zero Dark Thirty
  7. Midnight in Paris
  8. Amour
  9. Certified Copy
  10. Black Swan
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