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Saw Rush today. So I thought I would briefly share my thoughts.

Howard has done a good job with this. This is an incredibly well made movie. Cinematography is fantastic along with makeup and costumes. As a part-time racing fan i found the race scenes incredibly thrilling and the attention to detail with the old cars even down to one of the crash scenes which to me looked exactly the same as the clip of the real life crash on youtube. Hemsworth was good but the film does belong to Bruhl. I'm not sure if he deserves to be nominated. It really depends on the field but the film deserves many technical nominations. Costumes, cinematography, maybe makeup and definitely both sound categories. The race scenes sound so good.


Personal Favorite Movies of the Year. (so far)
Before Midnight 9/10
Mud 8.5/10
Blue Jasmine 8.5/10
Star Trek Into Darkness 8/10
The Way Way Back 8/10

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