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From what I can deduce so far, we seem to have our first Oscar-potential in Wes Anderson's 'The Grand Budapest Hotel.'  This film takes the form of an over-the-top comedy couched in a murder mystery.  Even though it has numerous small parts from its star-studded cast, lead by Ralph Fiennes, critics seem to have received this film pretty well.  So far, I would say that this film could be a potential contender for Best Picture, Best Actor (Ralph Fiennes), Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Production Design.  This is all preliminary, of course.  Usually, a film this zany doesn't make Oscar voters too eager to dish out recognition.  But good overall critical reaction and a well-Oscar-reputed 1930's era might just push this one into contention at the end of the year.  I do, however, foresee this film receiving Best Picture (comedy or musical), Best Actor (comedy or musical) nominations at the Golden Globes next year.  
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